Motivo for men (3ml)


You just can’t hide that grin anymore. Because you can FEEL it: it’s all coming together. FINALLY. All that time, all those hurdles…they were all leading you right here, on the path to where—and who–you were meant to be. Sure, you’ll have to work hard and learn fast, but nothing’s going to stop you now. This time, it’s for real. This time, it’s going to be worth it.


A rooftop garden rises to the sky, reminding you to climb high but stay grounded. The moss and vetiver firmly root you, while tendrils of fine incense-amber wind through the leather at your waist and the clean musk of your skin. Rich white petals of gardenia and jasmine surround you, their own roots covered in powdered iris and crushed patchouli. There’s a green crispness in the air, anointing your body like freshly pressed linen, as the bright spice of cardamom and sharp tang of bergamot clear what little doubt was left.

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