Caro for unisex (3ml)


It’s been a long, hard haul—what’s it been: a day? a month? maybe years?–but you’re finally coming home. There’s a beam of light drawing you near, beckoning with its unconditional love. You’re stepping into a space where you’re always accepted, always forgiven, always embraced. No matter what battles you’ve fought and how many scars you bear, you’re precious and perfect and whole here. The warmest of hearts and deepest of souls awaits you, my dear irreplaceable one, mio Caro.


The piercing light of yuzu marries with green citrus and juicy peach to greet you at the gate, guiding you through a summer garden of just-sweetened melon and heady hyacinth. Old vine roses and night-blooming jasmine usher you through the portal to the source of nature’s child. Sacred woods are covered with lush moss and fertile earth, where you lie down, your body glistening with the day’s heat and surrender to the unconditional love of the eternal.

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