Rhéjoli for women (3ml)


She emerges from the sacred earth, beaming in the moonlight, softened but wiser from the ritual. She is of both earth and air, and sweet wisps of spring follow in her wake amidst the blooms and healing herbs of her garden. There’s a humble confidence to her, the one now entrusted with the legacy of the queens from whom she descends–from many lands, but of one spirit. And the spirit is she.


The sweetness of ripe mango is tempered by spring-green freesia and the sharpness of wild lavender. Regal blooms of jasmine, gardenia, and ylang-ylang find their counterpoint in bright ginger and earthy Provençal herbs. Sacred woods soaked in sparkling amber marry with vanilla-dipped tuberose on a bed of soft patchouli.

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